Skillcentrix Wrapped: Our Year In Workday Talent and Skills Strategy

It’s that time of year – when we look back with fondness and nostalgia over the past year and share our annual summary of the songs and albums, we loved on social media for all our friends and distant acquaintances. (If anyone’s wondering, my background PowerPointing music netted me in the 1% of all Spotify users in total listening time this year – though I’m not sure how I feel about that.) 

For the Skillcentrix team, this year has represented a giant journey of transformation. And so, as we come to the end of 2023, we thought we’d take a page from our playlist friends – to take a look back on the incredible journey we’ve had as a part of the Workday community with so much joy and gratitude.  

As the beginning of 2024, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize skills and talent strategies within the Workday ecosystem. Our commitment was clear: to empower our clients as they navigated to next-gen talent strategies, using skills and new technology to drive business outcomes.  

Well… This year has been nothing short of remarkable: celebrated our first anniversary, hosted entertaining events and webinars, and published almost 40 incredible blogs.  

New Faces, New Workday Platform Offerings, and New Partnerships! 

We launched with a small yet passionate team that shared a common determination to make a mark in the industry. Today we find ourselves at triple the team strength! Joining us are so many amazing humans, cool individuals, and leaders in the Workday, Talent and Skills ecosystem, who share our vision and passion and bring fresh perspectives to our customers.  

This expansion has not only strengthened our capabilities but has added great talents to our vibrant Skillsquad. Working closely with the Workday teams, we also joined some of the critical programs driving growth, scale, and new capabilities into the Skills and Talent Marketplace. In the past few months, we’ve joined the Adaptive Strategic Workforce Planning and Extend Platform programs, bringing even more skill sets (see what I did there?) to our end-to-end Talent offerings.  

We also focused on giving back to the community, running our Inaugural Skills Cup charity, and partnering with Workday’s Giving and Doing team to support important charitable causes in the community, including the ASPCA and Habitat for Humanity. (In fact, I’m attending a Toy Drive event in Denver with nearly 70 of my closest Workday friends tonight!) 

 Last, but definitely not least, we began partnerships with true platform standouts, including Fast Company’s “Next Big Things in Tech” award winner, SkyHive (with even more partnerships to announce in the new year.)  

All in all, as we look back on the year, we celebrate not only the numerical growth, but the invaluable relationships formed and are excited for the prospects that await in the coming year. 

This Year in Skillcentrix Thought Leadership 

Our commitment to thought leadership is exemplified in the 37 insightful blogs we’ve published this year.  

From industry trends to expert tips, these articles cover a spectrum of topics designed to provide valuable insights and information. Reaching almost 10,000 website visitors this year, we work hard to make sure our blogs help HR and Technology leaders and practitioners keep abreast of the latest skills, talent strategy, and Workday trends to keep ahead of the curve.   

Here are just a few of our favorites:   

New AI and ML Innovations at Workday Rising 

Josh Lumbreras, Skillcentrix’s Chief Technology Officer, shares the features he’s most excited about in Workday’s new AI and ML innovations coming out of Rising. “These new capabilities have the potential to transform the way HR organizations use emerging technologies, and I’m eager to see how we can use them to benefit our customers.”  

The Importance of Successful Succession Planning 

Raise your hand if you feel like your company is totally ready with a great succession plan for your leadership team. If you raised your hand, you are part of only 14% of leaders who feel the same, according to a Gallup poll. In this blog, we dive into how to develop a successful succession strategy.  

Modern Workday Skills and Talent Glossary  

If you’re looking to expand your HR lexicon, this eBook is for you! We compiled a list of the top HR terms and trends to know for this year across core focus areas like technology, learning & development, and staffing & recruiting.  

Navigating the 3rd Wave of HR Digital Transformation 

The concept of digital transformation has undergone significant shifts over the years. In this blog, we dive into the key aspects of its newest wave and explain why it’s different from previous iterations of HR digital transformation. We also explore how this new era impacts HR professionals, business partners, and the organizations they serve. 

Executives Weigh In: What Defines Skills Strategy Success?  

While 95% of companies prioritize skills over job titles in promotions, only 44% of firms have fully embraced a disruptive skills approach. We pulled together a panel of experts including Matt Gregory, Laura Hume, and Petra Kuret who explored the top challenges of driving a skills transformation, diving into common pitfalls that can hold teams back from successful implementation.

Onward into 2024!

To all of our friends, customers, partners, and Workday family, we can’t thank you enough for joining us on this journey over the past twelve months of 2023.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year, and can’t wait for all the exciting possibilities that the coming 2024 holds! 

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