What We Do

Our Approach: Integrated, End-to-End Services and Solutions Unlock your Talent Journey

“In today's world of work, jobs are changing so quickly that the old-fashioned idea of building a competency model and formal job description is not keeping up. Companies need systems that can continuously identify the skills that drive success, organize and arrange these skills so people can find them, and systems that help individuals and managers develop themselves for the skills of the future.”

Supporting Your End-To-End Workday Talent Journey

Assess & Advise

Strategize, assess, and identify opportunities to optimize your current state talent initiatives, processes, and technologies.

  • Strategic Skills Assessment
  • Skill-Centric Job Rationalization
  • Skills Foundation
  • Tenant Assessment
Rationalize & Implement

Design, implement, and integrate the processes, products, and technologies necessary to optimize a robust Workday talent architecture.

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Talent Mobilization
  • Talent Retention
Optimize & Modernize

Optimize and modernize clients’ Workday Talent lifecycle solutions and configuration, allowing you to visualize your data, processing, and reporting necessary to maintain a robust Workday talent architecture.

  • Employee Lifecycle Optimization
  • People Experience Optimization
  • Talent Optimization
  • Skills Reporting, Analytics & Dashboards
Manage & Support

Manage and Support clients’ Workday HR processes and solutions​ with AMS Services

  • Workday Release Management ​
  • Stabilization Support (Config, Issues, BPs, Reporting, and Integrations​)
  • Advisory  Support (Strategic Planning, Road Mapping, Tech Governance, and more)​
  • Monitoring Services​
  • Value Realization​
  • Innovation Center (Peakon, AI, ML, Third Parties, Extend, PRISM, Intelligent Workflows, and more)​
  • Integration Monitoring, Optimization, and Development

Skills: The strategy and tech foundation for Workday HCM and Talent going forward

Skills have become the common thread and a foundational need to unlock Workday’s Talent architecture and Talent suite functionality and drive all your HR processes.

Our approach  unites talent strategy with the necessary Skills Cloud tech foundation to enable the full capability of Workday —  ultimately accelerating time to value and delivering on your unique business needs. ​


Skillcentrix Talent Journey Map

The Skillcentrix method starts with a consultative approach, our Insights Workshop and Tenant Assessment.

We know the first steps of the journey are the most important to set the right foundation for long-term success and design our programs to establish a baseline from which we can roadmap the most impactful projects. As this illustrative journey shows, our Talent Roadmaps uniquely focus on balancing your time, resources, and budgets to align with your to critical business initiatives.

Helping Workday customers rationalize their Talent technology landscape and build the roadmap